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Sterling Silver and Glacier Blue Topaz  'Eye Candy III' Ring Image 'eye candy III' topaz ring      

Sterling Silver and a genuine glacier blue Topaz gem swirl together in this appealing 'eye candy III' ring. A stunning glacier blue, 5mm, round, facetted genuine Topaz gemstone is snuggly held in place by a solid bezel setting. The mesmerizing swilrls of the 'Eye Candy III' band create a ring that is unbelievably comfortable and complimentary on one's hand ! The band is constructed in a manner that appears to visibly lengthen your finger !.

The 'eye candy III' glacier blue topaz ring has a total weight of 2.9 grams. The 'Eye Candy III Topaz Ring' is a size 7.75.

Eye Candy III Topaz Ring $ 128.

*sorry, this Topaz 'Eye Candy' Ring has a new home *

If you would like to commission an 'Eye Candy' Ring of your own ... please contact us by e-mail or phone at Rubyblue Jewelry.

All of the jewelry showcased in the 'one-of-a-kind' collection are artist originals. To purchase the Eye Candy III Topaz Ring without using PayPal, please contact us by e-mail or phone at Rubyblue Jewellery.
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If a design style or concept appeals to you but you would prefer to explore your own approach, please contact us at Rubyblue Jewellery.
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